Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote in nciscrossovers,
Marcus L. Rowland

Fanfic - NCIS / Dexter / Burn Notice - Give the Boys a Great Big Hand - XVII

This is a multiple crossover, beginning with NCIS and Dexter and eventually taking in several other fandoms. Some sections include passages with a first person viewpoint, reflecting the narrative style used in (for example) the Dexter TV show and books. I try to make the identity of the viewpoint characters clear. Crossovers this chapter Dexter, Burn Notice, some mention of NCIS. There will be at least one more part, possibly two.

Major spoilers for all seasons of Dexter to S4, then VERY AU. Warning, character death!

See earlier chapters for disclaimers etc.
On Twisting the Hellmouth
On Archive of our Own

Give the Boys a Great Big Hand - XVII

Mod note - A bit late now, but any chance of a Crossover: Dexter tag?

Please note For some reason this post was delayed in moderation for MONTHS - there's already another chapter on line. Follow the links to Twisting the Hellmouth or AO3 to see it.
Tags: character: other, crossover: burn notice

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