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Deadliest Catch - Multi-fandom remix (1/12)

Title: Deadliest Catch - Multi-fandom Remix.
Author: Nightchaser_sla
Crossover with: NCIS/Stargate Atlantis/ SG-1/ SVU AU all wrapped up in the Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch universe.
Pairings: Alex/Olivia and McShep established ... the rest even I don't know yet :)
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Summary: Follow four crab fishing boats (Ice Maiden; Atlantean Sea; Forensic Ballard; Anubis) as they face the deadly Bering Sea in the seach for Alaskan Crab.
Author's Notes: Well I'm pretty sure this is one of a kind :) I've been watching a lot of The Deadliest Catch recently and I thought ... hmmm what would happen if so and so were on a crabbing boat? This story developed from that. Now I want everyone to know that I know NOTHING  about fishing whatsoever apart from those several holidays in Busselton my parents subjected me to as a child (anyone outside of Perth won't understand that one:)) So everything in this story is courtesy of and the Deadliest Catch Forums.
This is unbetaed but anyone who wants the job is most welcome.
Disclaimer: Don't own NCIS or SGA or SG-1 or SVU they belong to their respective owners .... as does the Deadliest Catch.

Captain Sig is God :)

Leaving for Ice

I never really gave up on
Breakin' out of this two-star town
I got the green light
I got a little fight
I'm gonna turn this thing around.

The Killers: Read My Mind

Monday 1:23 pm  - Seattle
(Ice Maiden)

Olivia Benson was a fisherman. Okay technically and for the good of political correctness she was a fisherperson, and despite the ancient superstition that having a woman aboard brought bad luck she had made a name for herself. For most of the year she skippered a small boat called the Atlantic Blue off the coast of Seattle fishing for pacific salmon, but twice a year she headed north in search of Alaskan crab.

Usually she sailed up to Dutch Harbour on the Ice Maiden, a hundred foot crabbing boat with its skipper Cragen and Deck Boss Elliot Stabler, but this January she had a good reason for wanting to stay in Seattle for a couple of extra days. Alex Cabot was her life partner, she had also graciously sacrificed her willowy figure to provide Olivia with their first child. The gorgeous blonde was well into her second trimester, and Olivia had found that she was one of those annoyingly clingy ‘fathers’-to-be. In fact she had been ready to give up the Opelio season all together, but Alex had insisted that three weeks in subzero temperature out on the Bering Sea was bound to take her mind off the impending childbirth. Olivia had fought, argued, and even spent four days sulking in the den watching re-runs of Big Cat Diary and eating Oreo cookies. She had held out against the ever increasing hormone levels of her beloved for as long as she could, but naturally in the end Alex won the fight and Olivia found herself packed and booked on a flight to Dutch Harbour.

Gripping her duffle bag tightly in one hand, Olivia stood at the departures gate at the airport and watched as Alex moved gracefully through the throng of people. This had been her fifth trip to the toilet in the hour they had been waiting to board, and somewhere deep inside herself Olivia was glad that she had decided to return to the Ice Maiden this season.

‘Ready?” asked Alex, placing a soothing hand on Olivia’s arm and throwing her a 100 watt smile.

“I don’t think anyone’s actually ready for Ope season,” she answered with a laugh.

“You’ll be careful right?’ whispered Alex. “Don’t do anything stupid out there.”

“You know me.”

Alex’s beautiful face twisted into a grimace.

“Olivia please,” she whispered, hand tightening automatically on Olivia’s arm. “41 people in the past ten years Liv … 41 … don’t make it 42.”

“I’ll be fine,” answered Olivia, leaning over to kiss Alex lightly on the lips. “I’ll be home in a few weeks.”


The good old days, the honest man;
The restless heart, the Promised Land
A subtle kiss that no one sees;
A broken wrist and a big trapeze

The Killers: Read My Mind.

(previous) Friday 5:00am  - Vancouver.
(Atlantean Sea)

Of all the fishermen who fished the Bering Sea for Alaskan crab Rodney McKay was undoubtedly the least likely. He was rude, obnoxious and not one to take orders all that seriously. Basically if he was asked to perform a task his first thought would always be ‘how does this effect Rodney McKay?” , which was a sure fire way to get yourself killed out in the middle of nowhere. He was however a damn good engineer and could become so focused on his work that hunger and fatigue faded into the background.  Rodney also happened to be a genius with an IQ larger than a lot of boats crab quota, and the canny ability to know what a boat was thinking. For nearly eight years now he had kept the Atlantean Sea, the fleet’s largest and oldest ship, in one piece and upright.

John Sheppard also fished aboard the Atlantean Sea as deck boss during both the King crab and Opelio seasons and had been doing since he was eighteen years old. He had also been living with and loving the cantankerous McKay for three years now, which meant he had gone through the long and painful process of leaving for Alaska with the man six times. In John’s view that was six times to many.

“No!” he yelled, hands on his hips as he watched Rodney pack his third suitcase. “Everybody else takes one bag with them Rodney … one!”

“I am extremely vulnerable to rapid changes in temperature,” answered Rodney, without even looking up from his packing. “I do not want to get stuck out in the Bering Sea with inadequate gear.”

John watched him stuff two more pairs of wet weather pants into the suitcase and shook his head.

“You’ve got enough gear here to keep the whole boat going for two seasons,” he said. “There is no way Elizabeth is going to let you bring all this onto her baby.”

Elizabeth Weir was the only female skipper in the fleet, and as far as John knew the only woman to ever skipper through crab season at all. She was strong, beautiful and a damn good captain to work for. She was also one of the few people that could rein Rodney in, especially when he was lost on one of his rants.  When she discovered that he was bringing along more wet and cold weather gear than the rest of the crew combined she was likely to flip out.

“She understands.” Rodney stood up and cracked his back, before turning and looking at John. “I’m likely to catch pneumonia like that.” He clicked his fingers loudly for emphasis.

John rolled his eyes, he had heard Rodney bitching like this for days now and was slowly losing patience with his lover. Walking across their bedroom he approached the other man, snagging his belt loops in his fingers and pulling McKay against him.

“Stop worrying,” he whispered, lowering his lips to Rodney’s. “We’ve both done this countless times and as of yet you haven’t ended up in hospital.”

Rodney’s blue eyes glared up at him.

“Oh now you’ve said that it’ll …”

John quietened him with a quick kiss.

“Shut up and finish packing, we’ve got to be at the dock in an hour or Elizabeth will leave without us.”

“No she wouldn’t, she needs me to much.”

“Of course she does Rodney.”


The teenage queen, the loaded gun;
The drop dead dream, the Chosen One
A southern drawl, a world unseen;
A city wall and a trampoline

The Killers: Read My Mind

Monday 6:00am - Nearing Dutch Harbour.
(Forensic Ballard)

Leroy Jethro Gibbs was skipper of the 120 foot crab boat the Forensic Ballard, and had been doing so for nearly a decade now. This was however the first time he had taken his boat up to the crab grounds since the tragic loss of one of his crew just over a year ago now. Kate Todd had been a great deckhand, hard working and loyal, when one day she fell overboard while tying down the stack. In the pitch black and rough seas they had been unable to find her … Kate’s body had never been recovered.

Her place had been filled by a young Israeli woman named Ziva David, who had spent much of her childhood and adult life fishing in the Mediterranean Sea and was an intelligent and able deckhand.  That didn’t mean that Gibbs had to like having to replace any member of his crew.

Well maybe with the exception of a one Anthony DiNozzo. Apart from Gibbs himself DiNozzo had been on the Forensic Ballard  the longest, and in his own special way the skipper saw him as a son. An annoying and hyperactive son who needed ADD medication fast.

“Come on Boss, let me have a go?”

DiNozzo was standing behind the skippers chair in the wheelhouse, hopping excitedly from one foot to the other .

“No,” answered Gibbs, eyes not straying from the front window. “Now stop bothering me.”

“Booosssss.” Gibbs still had to figure out how he managed to add so many syllables into one tiny word.

“DiNozzo …”

That’s all that needed to be said, they had worked together for long enough for the younger man to take note of the warning tone in his skippers voice. After all this warning tone was often accompanied by a head-slap, Anthony was smart enough today that he ducked down below deck before Gibbs was able to twist around in his seat.

“Sorry Boss,” came the yell from downstairs, and Gibbs found himself grinning at his GPS screen for the first time since he saw Kate’s orange clad form fall from the stack. 


Slippin’ in my faith until I fall
You never returned that call
Woman, open the door, don't let it sting
I wanna breathe that fire again

The Killers: Read My Mind

Monday 5:30 am -  Dutch Harbour.

The crab boat the Anubis was one of the few in the fleet that actually remained in Alaska all year round. This was because skipper and owner Jack O’Neill wouldn’t live anywhere else but the great frozen north. To Sam Carter his deck boss he was obviously insane, she herself hailed from Washington DC and had a long way to travel each and every crab season so as to join the crew, not that she would have it any other way. Well okay, maybe life would be a little better if Jack would just give her the engineers job like she had been begging him to do for years now.  Jack however had stood firm, he had a perfectly good engineer in the form of Siler and didn’t want to let the best damn deck boss he had ever known go.

Leaning against the frozen railing, she glared out at the eerily calm harbour. She had been on the Anubis now for as long as Jack had owned the boat, though owned was a strong word for a man who had won the bucket of bolts in a poker game. Not for the first time Sam considered the possibility of leaving and going onto another boat, but leaving Daniel and the T-Man … even Jack himself made her stomach clench. They were the only family she had ever known for a long time.

“Moping about the engineer’s job again?”

Softly spoken deck hand Daniel Jackson placed his elbows on the railing beside her, looking at the blond through liquid brown eyes.

“I don’t mope.”

Daniel nodded slowly.

“Okay then … sulking?”

She couldn’t help laughing at that.

“Maybe,” she answered.

“You know that Jack wouldn’t do anything to hurt you right?” he asked. “You’re the best deck boss in the industry.”

“Oh I know that,” she said.

Daniel gave a chuckle.

“And so modest to.”

“You have to be arrogant in this job,” she said.

“Yes,” answered Daniel. “Yes you do.”

She glanced up at him, before looking back out at the Bering Sea. Their silence light between them.
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