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Across the Stars (1/?)

This is one of three NCIS crossovers I am currently writing (plus many fics in other fandoms and hundreds of originals) so I can't promise that I'll have a chapter done a week ... but I will try.

Title: Across the Stars (1/?)
Author: Nightchaser_sla
Genre: slash and het
Characters: Gibbs, Ducky, Tony, Kate, Abbey, Tim .... Sheppard, McKay, Weir, Ronon, Teyla and many others.
Crossovers: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Gibbs/Ducky. Tony/Tim. Kate/Weir. Kate/Ronon. Kate/Teyla/Ronon. Kate/Abbey. McKay/Sheppard. Ronon/Teyla.
Summary: The Atlantis expedition was staffed by marines, it only seemed logical that NCIS would investigate any mysterious deaths.
Warnings: None
Notes: Timeline is a bit sketchy and I have trouble writing Gibbs but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. Grammar is probably terrible as usual .... I find it difficult to find a beta who can put up with me :)
Disclaimer: Neither NCIS nor Stargate Atlantis belong to me ... though it is my birthday soon so I'm hoping.

Across the Stars
Chapter One.

Sargent Stackhouse USMC was patrolling the lower level corridors of the Northern Pier, fully geared up and in constant communication with the control room and Sargent Masters who was in the next level down. This area was still damaged from the last huge push by the Wraith. Stifling a yawn he glanced into an abandoned lab and saw something that made the breath catch in his throat.

A marine, a young man, was laying on the floor ... dead, though not by Wraith draining. No this man's throat was cut and as far as Stackhouse knew the Wraith didn't use knives.

"Control," he said, pressing his earpiece. "We have a situation on sublevel 12 or the Northern Pier. I repeat we have a situation."


Special Agent Anthony (Tony) Dinozzo sat back in his desk chair and tilited his head so  as to get a better look at the scantily clad woman on his computer screen.

"That is so disguisting."

Special Agent Kate Todd was standing behind him, arms crossed across her chest and a horrified expression on her beautiful face.

"The human body is a wonderful thing Kate," he answered, waving absently at the screen. "You need to embrace you sexuality."

"Oh Tony," she said patting his shoulder. "You have enough sexuality for the both of us."

He was just about to retort with a witty comeback when the elevator doors slid open and Special Agent Gibbs strode out holding his usual styrofoam cup of coffee and tailed by two very stern looking Air Force officers. That in itself was odd due to the fact that this was the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, so what the hell did the Air Force have to do with anything?

"Pack up we're going to Colorado," said Gibbs, hurrying through the bullpen and to the opposite elevators which led down to autopsy and the forensic labs.

"Colorado?" demanded Tony, already pulling his badge and gun from his desk draw.

"Don't ask me," said Kate, glancing at the two smartly dressed men standing in the middle of the bullpen. "What does the navy have in Colorado?"


Five hours ago Tony had been on a plane to Colorado hoping that there would be time to do some skiing, and now he was standing in from of a large metallic circle trying to get his head around the fact that the United States military had turned into Flash Gordon. All of Abbey's lab equipment had been packed onto a little mechanised dolly that was currently toddling up the metal ramp to the huge rippling blue stuff that was inside the circle.

The little goth herself was standing beside Gibbs (who naturally was unfazed by the whole thing), face glowing with excitement.

"Oh my god I knew they were up to something!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together.

There was a tiny man in front of them, staring uncertainly at the pile of lab equipment.

"All this." He waved at the equipment. "Necessary?"

He sounded Russian. This day was just getting stranger and stranger.

"Definately," answered Abbey.

"Not going to like this," muttered the man. "He's not going to like this at all."

"Look Mr ...." began Gibbs.

"Dr." said the man. "Dr. Radek Zelenka."

"Dr. Zelenka," said Gibbs. "We have an investigation to perform, and this equipment is essential to it."

Zelenka still looked nervous.

"You may proceed." The voice came over the P.A system and echoed around the room.

Gibbs nodded and then gestured for Kate, Tony, and Abbey to follow him up the ramp which they did so nervously. Zelenka and Gibbs both walked into the blue stuff without hesitation and after a moment Abbey followed, leaving Tony and Kate alone.

"What do you think Gibbs would do if we didn't follow?" asked Kate.

"I'm not sure I'm ready to find out," answered Tony, and with that he grabbed her sleeve and dragged her through with him.


It was like the most insane roller coaster EVER.

Tony came out of the other end of the ... what had the geeks called it? Oh yeah wormhole. Still holding onto Kate and walking right into the back of Abbey.

"Hey!" she said, turning around and glaring at him.

Tony, however, was distracted by the gorgeous woman (and even better looking man) hurrying down the stairs towards them, both dressed in unbelievably tight shirts. He had a feeling he was going to be very happy here.

"Special Agent Gibbs?" The woman was smiling and shaking Gibbs's extended hand. "I'm Dr. Elizabeth Weir head of the Atlantis expedition." She looked at the man beside her. "And this is Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard."

The gorgeous man was scowling.
"We should be handling this investigation ourselves," he drawled, earning him a dark glare from Weir.

"Why don't you follow me to the conference room where you can be properly briefed?" said Weir. "And then we'll get you settled in."

She turned and walked back up the stairs, leaving Gibbs and Sheppard glaring at each other. And the rest sharing worried and anxious looks.
Tags: author: nightchaser_sla, crossover: stargate atlantis, rating: nc-17

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