April 21st, 2013

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Fic: A Different Path (NCIS; BtVS)

Title: A Different Path
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario / CBS (NCIS) or Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy / Fox / etc. (Buffy), so I don't claim to own them.
Fandoms: NCIS; BtVS
Genre: Pre-Slash (but could be read as Gen)
Pairings: Pre- Tony/Xander
Warnings: None
Word Count: 756
Beta: azraelz_angel
Written For: hawk_soaring's April 2013 Prompt
Note: Set pre-series NCIS and in an AU season 6 of BtVS with no Anya and no Glory from the previous season.

Summary: After what went down with Danny, Tony needed to clear his head before he jumped on the offer from Agent Gibbs. When he stops in a little town in California he finds more than he would ever have bargained for.
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