August 5th, 2008

NCIS Ziva (rever_icons)

Agent Afloat Atlantis 1/8 (NCIS/Stargate Atlantis) PG13

Agent Afloat Atlantis 1/8
An NCIS/Stargate Atlantis story
by mhalachaiswords

Summary: Ziva's new assignment certainly isn't what she expected.
Rating: PG-13 overall for some language, action scenes
Disclaimer: Sony and MGM own all things Stargate Atlantis. CBS and Bellisario et al. owns all NCIS. I'm only borrowing and will return them at the end of the fic.
Spoilers: Spoilers for the end of season five of NCIS (Judgment Day); for Search and Rescue of season five of SGA (no real spoilers for eps past that).
Characters: Ziva David, team Atlantis, a bit of team Gibbs.
Pairings: Hints of McShep, some Ziva/Tony in future parts and a bit of past Ziva/Jen, but the story is predominantly Gen.

[ The first hint Ziva has that things are going to get much worse, very quickly, is the ding of the elevators and the emergence of Mossad Officer Michael Bashan into the NCIS office. ]