October 9th, 2007

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A Most Deserved Con (3/4)

Title: A Most Deserved Con (3/4)

Author: wiccagirl24

Fandoms: NCIS (Fourth seasonish) and Hustle (post season 3 but before Mickey leaves)

Rating: Teen

Summery: Stacie gets a black eye, Mcikey becomes a hit man, and a second NCIS employee joins the con.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything but my soul. I’ve borrowed the following characters from Bellisario, the BBC and the amazing actors who portray them.

Shippiness: Slight Gibbs/Abby and Ash/Stacie.

A/N: Because at some point I have to get Illya and Napoleon Ducky and Albie together. Love to becky_monster, without her help this never would have become what it did. A million thanks to dragonessasmith for the awesome and speedy beta'ing. Thanks to everyone for the awesome comments. Last part tomorrow.

If you haven't seen Hustle: A non-related family of con artists. They con money out of the rich and currupt (but usually keep the profit for themselves) At the center of the group is Albie (Robert Vaughn, former UNCLE agent)

If you haven't seen NCIS: An unrelated family of federal agents (plus a forensic scientist and an ME). They solve crime. And tease each other. The Medical Examiner is Ducky (David McCallum, former UNCLE agent)

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