April 25th, 2007


Fic: Contrapositive

Title: Contrapositive
Author: Evan Nicholas

Pairing: Umm... characters-played-by-David-McCallum/characters-played-by-Robert-Vaughn, and characters-played-by-David-McCallum/Gibbs. Does that make sense? Jolly good.
Crossover: NCIS/MfU/Hustle
Summary: Eavesdropping is bad for the soul.

Warnings: Some sex, some swearing; the usual good stuff. Nostalgia, suspicion, ticklish spots.
Disclaimer: If only they were mine...
A/n: Oy; where to start:
1. I've never written NCIS before, and I'm only partway through season two, so that's when this is set. Sorry, Ziva fans.
2. I've only written one (short) Hustle fic, and I'm also only partway through season two, soo... that's when this is set, too.
3. Quite obviously, I'm pretending that Gibbs never described Ducky in his youth as Illya Kuryakin - 'cause that just screws everything up, and this is not a paradox-puzzler of a story. Okay? Just be glad that I left "The Presidio" out of it.
4. I'm taking a lot - and I mean a lot - of liberties with backstories here. As in, everyone's. A thousand apologies to canonists everywhere.

He wasn't really a spy.