April 16th, 2007

NCIS- Gibbs cute

The Streets of Heaven are too crowded with Angels tonight…

Title: Been Here Before

Author: wiccagirl24

Crossover with: NCIS and The West Wing

Rating: K+

Spoilers: Yankee White and Twilight for NCIS, Posse Comitas for West Wing. Take place early in season 3 (NCIS) and 5 (TWW)

Disclaimer: Sad to say I don't own the rights to either of these shows. I'm just borrowing the characters (and the plane) and will return them safely when I'm done.

Summery: Another dead body on Air Force One, and a reminder of those lost.

A/N: I read a prompt at a commentathon for CJ/Gibbs and "the wrong man." This is much too longfor a comment, but my muse couldn't resist. Thanks to the brilliant calleigh_j for the beta'ing and the idea to use lyrics from Hallelujah for the title. Also, I know the timeline doesn't quite line up between the shows, but I fudged it a bit.

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Highlander - friends

FIC: Falling In and Crawling Out, Part 7 of 12 - 24/CM/NCIS, various pairings, FRAO

Title:  Falling In and Crawling Out
       Part 7 of 12
Authors:  Aaryn/docs_girl16 & Andrea/silentflux
Rating:  FRAO
Fandoms:  24/CM/NCIS
Disclaimer:  Anything you recognize?  Isn’t ours… We’re just playing here until the nice men with the jackets come to pick us up…
Warnings:  Slash…femmeslash… violence, torture…if you don’t like it, don’t read it…
A/N:  This was just too much fun to write… seriously.  I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did writing it.
Thanks to our betas,   sylum_tru and hawk_dancing.  All remaining mistakes are ours…

Summary:  Chase meets Tony.  Tony and Chase hang out.  Jack and Gibbs are possessive bastards.  An old enemy comes back to haunt one of them.  And the BAU team is there for spectating and doling out helpful tidbits… ;)

Previous parts are HERE.

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